Inspection and maintenance of a group of devices subject to technical inspection

  • goods and passenger lifts with electric and hydraulic drive (with microprocessor, as well as contactor and transmitter control)
  • gantries
  • winches
  • hoists
  • fixed cranes
  • pallet and lift trucks

We provide services concerning inspection and maintenance of the above mentioned equipment, as well as current troubleshooting.

We also offer making protective, electrical measurements and preparation of the devices for the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) surveillance studies.

Modernization and repair of electrical equipment concerning:

  • powering devices with bus bars and E- Chain IGUS guide wires systems
  • controlling – preparation and modernization of electrical and hydraulic devices steering (contactor and transmitter, microprocessor)
  • power transmission
  • bearings and clutches replacement
  • vibration sensors assembly in electric engines, compressors, pumps, fans and gear boxes
  • industrial automation

We help with proper devices supply system, as well as steering and control apparatus selection.

We are able to conduct thermal and vibration level measurements in order to verify technical status of devices.

We offer vibration sensors’ proper selection and assembly.

On the basis of vibration diagnostics of a device, we are able to detect defects and damages well in advance and plan its renovation.

Thermal imaging and energy audit

Preparation of energy performance of buildings certificates in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development of 3rd September 2015 amending the regulation on the detailed scope and forms of energy audit and the part of repair audit, the design of audit cards, as well as the algorithm for assessing the profitability of a thermo modernization undertaking , as well as the Act of 21st November 2008 on supporting thermo- modernization and repairs

  • Thermal imaging in the building industry
    • the insulation of walls and roofs of buildings and constructions assessment (defects location)
    • examination of the condition of chimneys
    • heating systems location (floor heating)
    • detection of spills and leakages of installation
    • detection of damages in insulation
  • Thermal imaging in industry
    • power engineering
    • cooling technology
    • electrical machinery and equipment

Installation works

  • Residential buildings
    • smart installation
  • Industrial buildings
    • power plants
    • steel plants
    • mechanical plants
  • control cabinets and electrical switchboards prefabrication
    • main and auxiliary switchboards
    • control switchboards
    • local control boxes

Measurements in Power Engineering

  • Measurements of fire protection effectiveness through automatic disconnection of power supply systems and equipment
  • Thermal imaging measurements of:
    • electric motors
    • switchboards (checking the condition of high current connectors and bus bars clamps, disconnectors, transformers, cables)
    • cooling and heating installations
  • measurements and periodic inspections of  hand-held electric motor operated tools
    • power tools (drillers, grinders, impact wrenches)
    • extension cords
    • welders

We have proper qualifications, permissions and long-term experience.